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Restaurants, Caterers, Bars and the Food Service Industry

Billig Law, P.C. dedicates a great deal of its time servicing clients in the hospitality and food service industry. Many of our clients are members of the National Restaurant Association, the leading business association for restaurant establishments. Our restaurant clients employ prominent chefs who have won awards for excellence, including the James Beard Awards, and are ranked highly in restaurant guides such as Zagat.

We are assigned through the insurance industry and directly by clients in the hospitality industry to protect their legal interests in the defense of claims in New York and New Jersey. Our firm defends members of the hospitality industry in litigation commenced against them for food poisoning and “food safety” related issues, liquor liability/dram shop claims, trip and fall accidents, slip and falls in parking lots due to snow and ice or hazards, breach of contract, worker’s compensation, and automobile accident related claims, to name a few. We vigorously defend these claims and file motions to dismiss frivolous lawsuits when appropriate.

We also represent restaurants and caterers, for example, in lawsuits to recover monies due and owing to them as a result of a breach of contract by entities or individuals. Additionally, we frequently advise our restaurant and catering clients in lease negotiations and in choosing the proper corporate form under which to operate. We have been called upon to draft and modify existing catering contracts. For catering facilities hosting important occasions such as weddings, the catering facility needs adequate protection in the event of an unforeseen cancellation of an event or party by a patron, or the unforeseen cancellation by the caterer due to inclement weather, such as hurricane or storm.

We can advise the industry how to better protect themselves from the possibility of liability or loss. Maintaining adequate insurance coverage is the first step to protecting your company from loss or damage.

Moreover, restaurant fires are a common risk in restaurant operation. We are ready to defend the food service industry and insurance industry in related large loss cases involving kitchen and restaurant fires. We will work together with our team of prominent experts, by utilizing our emergency response team efforts, to investigate the origin and cause of a fire immediately following a loss, and assess the damage. We can also maximize recovery potential from third-parties who may have been responsible. Machinery or product liability claims are also common in the restaurant industry and having attorneys representing you with experience in handling these claims can make a big difference in the outcome of a case.

To set up a consultation to discuss risk management, safety issues, business related disputes or to assist with your litigation needs, contact us at (212) 689-8390.

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