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Collection and Subrogation Practice

We are aggressive litigators, strong negotiators, and can assist your company in the prompt recovery of monies owed by responsible parties. We are adept at judgment collection and our efforts have resulted in the expedited collection of monies owed by responsible parties to the benefit of our clients.

Our collection and subrogation practice can provide a valuable solution for creditors and insurers who reach a dead end in their collection attempts from debtors. Litigation efforts may result in higher recoveries over traditional collection approaches, since actual litigation may have a stronger effect than the threat of future litigation.

Billig Law, P.C. is hired by insurance companies, business entities, collection agencies, and individuals seeking monetary recovery of debt or monies owed. While we primarily litigate cases in the New York and New Jersey Courts, our clients retain us regularly to handle cases on a national scope in areas outside of our jurisdictions. In those cases, we affiliate with local counsel in those jurisdictions to file suit. We also file winning Arbitration contentions on behalf of clients. We prepare the case for arbitration by gathering the necessary evidence and providing persuasive contentions for Arbitration Forums, citing relevant statutory or case law for panel review.

Our attorneys have experience with loss recovery/subrogation involving issues of auto, rental car, and trucking vehicle damage claims, freight loss and damage, no-fault, property damage claims, and workers’ compensation. We also defend our clients against subrogation lawsuits for monetary damages and have a specialized expertise in the commencement of subrogation claims against responsible parties for reimbursement of these losses.

In the case of uninsured motorists or unlicensed operators who are involved in accidents, we seek license revocation or suspension in order to assist in our recovery goals.

The firm can assist clients in the collection of debts including credit card debt, defaulted loans, and delinquent customer payments.

We are a Member of the Commercial Law League and the American Lawyers Quarterly and you will notice our presence at events sponsored by the National Association for Subrogation Professionals. We welcome forwarding accounts from attorneys practicing in jurisdictions throughout the United States, referrals from collection agencies, and our colleagues. For additional information or to refer a subrogation or collection case, call Billig Law, P.C.: (212) 689-8390 or email us at info@billiglaw.com.

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