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Appellate Practice

Our written and oral advocacy, legal research skills, and knowledge of civil practice rules and appellate procedure allows us to zealously represent our clients’ interests at the appellate level.

Our attorneys can provide an objective analysis of the likely success of a case on appeal and review the record to provide an opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of an appeal before it is undertaken.

At the appeal stage, we can defend or challenge a result obtained from the lower court. The appellate lawyer brings a fresh perspective to the case and can objectively evaluate whether the arguments that were won or lost at trial are likely to have a different impact in the appellate court. Considerations on appeal may include whether judicial error occurred, whether the decision is not supported by the evidence, whether the court has abused its discretion or incorrectly applied the law.

Retention of an appellate lawyer early on is crucial. There are strict time requirements for filing a Notice of Appeal and the issues to be raised must be specified. Further, the appropriate documents must be designated and compiled in a Record.

We are experienced in obtaining stays of proceedings, sometimes on an emergency basis, in furtherance of appellate review. Our attorneys also have experience filing motions in the appellate courts.

We are pleased to offer our appellate services in New York and New Jersey. For further information contact Billig Law, P.C. at (212) 689-8390 or email us at info@billiglaw.com.

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